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Committed to Superior Product Quality and Ethics

Mazcoco, is a new-established coconut charcoal granulate and briquette manufacturer with production in Lebak, Banten, Indonesia. We are committed to and known for producing and supplying coconut charcoal briquettes products of the highest quality to our customers worldwide.

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Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia
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We have an experience within the production of coconut shell charcoal briquette specialist for Shisha / Hookah / Barbeque / Water Pipe as well as for Water Purifier.

Manufactured Product

Production plant is well developed and managed by a experienced team

Label Your Brand

Branding kit elements can be customised and made available for private label clients

Material & Product Warehouse

We have material warehouse from coconut farmers and product warehouse

Consultation & Survey

Consult your needs and visit our factory to survey the production process

High Quality Product

We control the quality of the materials and carry out testing of the resulting products

Eco & Community Friendly

Conscientious carbonisation means a focus on both environment, community and product quality

Packaging and Private Label for a Diverse Market


ERB's charcoal granulates and briquettes are available in a variety of standard sized bags and boxes. We offer customized private label packaging upon request.

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02.Our Product




Pillow / Spherical

All Natural Coconut Briquettes with No Chemicals

01.Our Services

Bring Your Shisha to The Next Level

Buy High Quality range of Charcoal and HookahCoal to use with you Hookah Pipe. Get genuine Natural Charcoal and Quick Self Light Hookah Charcoal.

Modern Shisha

Guarantees top quality hookahs, for the most competitive prices online. Each and every one of our products is of the highest standards and entirely authentic.

Long & Clean Burning

Charcoal grills are a must-have for foodies and outdoor enthusiasts alike. These coal BBQ grills allow you to have total control over the temperature.


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