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Eco- and Community-Friendly 
BBQ Briquettes and Charcoal

Our core products are based on charcoal from carbonised coconut shells – for generations locally grown, harvested and manufactured in a highly sustainable manner, without posing any harm to palm trees, animal habitat or the environment.
We produce two types of charcoal: granulated charcoal and briquettes. We have a highly efficient and sustainable production, using premium raw materials and we are continuously (daily) testing our products to ensure consistent quality, throughout all the production processes to get a final high-quality product.  


All our carbonised coconut products are based on our 6-point sustainability plan (CSR) which outlines our approach to both environment and community. Our key words are 'Low Carbon Foot Print', 'High Quality Carbonisation', 'Fair Pricing' and 'Employee Welfare'.
Not only do we as Scandinavians feel a natural obligation to both the environment and communities from which we make our living, but also strive for win-win situations and sustainable, long-term business. By ensuring both an eco- and community friendly approach to charcoal production, we have vastly increased our product quality.


Conscientious Carbonisation:

By a transfer of both know-how and technology to the local community, Cavron has been instrumental in improving the first steps in the production of coconuts providing for both a much cleaner, less polluting carbonisation process, as well as a basic charcoal of the highest possible quality (pore-structure).

Eco-Friendliness Ingrained in the Production:

Coconut shells are a waste product from coconut production for the food industry. By utilizing this waste product, we participate in vastly reducing the felling of trees by using coconut shells, as they are a high-end alternative to normal wood and fossilised coal. Furthermore, the actual burning of coconuts is much less hazardous to the environment.

Streamlined Production:

A tested combination of European know-how and a multi-generational local knowledge of coconut farming have proven invaluable in establishing a production process resulting in a consistent, ultra-high product quality – all the way from coconut to grill. This proven process which includes continuous testing and tweaking (screening, sorting and washing) is a guarantee of eco-friendly coconut briquettes with superior functional benefits.

100% Natural with No Chemical Additives:

Not only is this good news for the environment itself, it also results in substantial health- and taste-benefits. First of all, it means that the cooking is clean – no harmful ingredients in the charcoal can be transmitted to the food as there aren’t any. Secondly, the taste of the grilled food is as natural as can be and not jeopardized in any way by our charcoal – on the contrary it enhances the natural flavours of barbecuing

CO2 Neutral:

Our charcoal is a CO₂ neutral product, as it is considerably below threshold values set by international standards in terms of low carbon footprint. In other words, grilling with our briquettes means that the so-called carbon footprint is at an absolute minimum and not contributing to pollution or global warming.

Long, Clean Burning:

Our advanced production method gives us full knowledge and control of the finished briquettes. We can precisely tweak parameters such as size, density, moisture levels and distribution of the all-natural ingredients. This results in a long burning time which is both economical and convenient as no refuelling is needed during cooking. The second benefit is ultra clean burning with a minimum of smoke and ash residues.



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