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Packaging and Private Label for a Diverse Market

ERB's charcoal granulates and briquettes are available in a variety of standard sized bags and boxes. We offer customized private label packaging upon request. We aim to meet every customer’s needs in a flexible way at all levels. We assist in calculating optimal sizing, logistics planning and pallet/container packaging. We are experts in space optimising and know how to create best possible volume every time. We assist with pallet drawings to optimise container filling.

This is also part of our environment focus, to offer better packaging and reduce transportation volumes

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We have two different types of Coconut Charcoal Briquette. The difference is their burning time. We offer them in flexible bag sizes starting from 1 kg and up to restaurant sizes in different materials, qualities, and thicknesses according to client requests.


We offer different sizes of untreated raw coconut charcoal granular. This can be further used in the production of activated carbon for example. We can specialise the process, wash and grind in different sizes if requested. Our standard size is 3 x 6 mesh. Typically, granulate is delivered in 25kg sacks or 500kg Jumbo Bag packaging.


Private label

Packaging can be delivered containing your own brand graphics. We offer neutral packaging design files in editable PDF format for further decoration by your own graphic designer/advertising agency. Our design department can also be helpful in this regard at a very reasonable price.


We aim to use recycled materials in our packaging. All printing is offset following the German FOGRA29 standard in one /monochrome or multi colours.

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