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Committed to Superior Product Quality and Ethics

Mazcoco, is a new-established coconut charcoal granulate and briquette manufacturer with production in Lebak, Banten, Indonesia. We are committed to and known for producing and supplying coconut charcoal briquettes products of the highest quality to our customers worldwide.<

Caring for Environment, Society and Employees

As a local manufacturer we are maintaining a good working relationship, with the local community in general and the coconut farmers who supply our raw material specifically, is of the utmost importance to us. We are selecting the best sources of charcoal from all part of Indonesia Islands. We also select higher quality carbonised coconut shells, enabling us to pay a significantly higher price.

Our employees are very enjoying working with good workplace conditions, facilities and benefits. The housewife from our neighbour are very welcome to work with us especially on the process of packaging.

A Streamlined Production

Production plant in Lebak is well developed and managed by a experienced team working directly together with our local employees toward our high and eco-friendly production standard. It is streamlined throughout the entire manufacturing process from raw material selections to packaging and shipping. Also, continuous testing of the charcoal ensures a consistent and uniformly high quality. Our products are CO₂ neutral and 100% natural without any chemicals or other additives.